Standardization of Reporting Alcohol and Drug Involvement in Fatal Crashes

Chair: Jim Fell
Co-chair: Richard Compton
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Goal: Develop international guidelines on reporting drug and alcohol involvement in fatal (and serious injury) crashes so that meaningful comparisons can be made with regard to the involvement of alcohol in crashes. 


Reply to Questions for Working Group Chairs at T2016:

  1. Have there been any reportable developments in your group during 2015 and 2016?

In 2010, the Working Group issued a recommendation on reporting alcohol involvement in fatal crashes. That recommendation was approved by the ICADTS Executive Board 

In 2013 and in 2016, there was a special session held at the ICADTS Conferences on research trends of alcohol and other drug involvement in fatally injured drivers 

  1. What are your group’s plans for the coming year?

We need to recruit ICADTS members into our Working Group who are experts on reporting drugs other than alcohol in fatally injured drivers. We then need to issue a recommendation on reporting other drugs..

  1. Have you had any problems that the Board might be able to help resolve?

We could use the Board’s help in our call for drug experts in our Working Group.

  1. Do you plan to schedule an Expert/Working Group Meeting in the next 12 months?

Not in the next 12 months, but we will put out a Call for Abstracts for T2019 in Edmonton.

  1. Have you made adjustments to your group’s goals recently? If so, please advise

Yes, now that standardization for alcohol has been issued  we need a similar recommendation for other drugs.


                F. Is your working group still active?

Yes, if we can recruit drug experts into the group. The incoming ICADTS President, Jan Ramaekers, has recommended that our Working Group, on behalf of ICADTS, write a position paper on our subject matter and submit it for scientific publication. He suggested ICADTS cover the costs of writing and publishing the position paper.



James C. Fell, Chair

May 2017