Alcohol Ignition Interlocks

Chair: Paul Marques
Co-chair: Bob Voas

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Goal: To contribute expertise to help guide new interlock legislation, to improve existing interlock programs and policies, and to advance interlock research.

Recent Developments (2013)

  • Completion and Distribution of the Report on a three year project to accumulate comments and suggestions for inclusion in the Ignition Interlock document: “Draft Multinational Program Features”. It can be found at the following location:
  • Bjarne Eikelford of Norway volunteered to be the reporting and organizing chair of a subcommittee tasked with keeping us abreast of developments in those European Nations using Interlocks/Alcolocks in non-offender applications.  Most of the focus of the Interlock Working Group has been with Offender (Secondary or Tertiary Prevention) Programs. The uses and regulation of Primary Prevention Ignition Interlock is different and warrants a special focus. The question of separately studying developments with Primary Prevention Interlocks was first proposed in an earlier version of the “Draft Multinational Features”.  Now with several Nordic countries active in this area, there is much to learn by expanding the focus to include these trends.
  • We had a 2 hour IWG Meeting on Sunday preceding the 2013 ICADTS Meeting in Brisbane.  Speakers included:
    • Dr Bertil Hök, Sweden , describing the achievements and challenges of real time passive sensing of alcohol via the Autoliv technology he and Dr. Annika Andersen have developed, and
    • Dr Robert Voas, USA, describing progress in the large Florida Interlock Research Evaluation that spans approximate 8 years since 2005.