Alcohol Biomarkers

Chair: Ron Agius
Co-chair: Paul Marques
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Goal: To examine the safety benefits of more widespread use of alcohol biomarkers, to build the basis for common standards and cut-offs, to develop guidelines for end users on how to collect/measure specimens, and how to interpret evidence from biomarkers to identify alcohol risk among drivers.


Recent Developments (2013)


The prior Chair, Dr Christine Moore of Immunalysis in California has informed co-chair Dr Paul Marques, that she will step down as the Chair of ABWG. She has asked Dr Ron Agius of Laborkrone in Germany to replace her in this role and Dr Agius has graciously accepted. Dr’s Agius and Marques will confer as co-chairs and aspire to extend the reach of the Biomarkers group to draw in expertise from sister societies in laboratory science and forensics.  Participants in the ABWG stay abreast of the rapidly developing literature in this area in order to keep the safety science community informed of new biomarker opportunities.


A session sponsored by the ABWG was held 2013 ICADTS Meeting in Brisbane, and the papers are available in the Proceedings. The contributions were largely focused on the promise of phosphatidylethanol measured in blood, and ethylglucuronide (EtG) measured in both hair and urine.