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Application for Membership

There are two categories of membership available to colleagues wishing to be join ICADTS: Members and Affiliates. Members must possess a demonstrated record of significant accomplishments in any of the relevant disciplines that encompass the field of alcohol, drugs and traffic safety, including program management as well as research. Affiliates include those who have an interest in the field of alcohol, drugs and traffic safety and ICADTS. Affiliates of ICADTS enjoy the privileges of membership, other than voting and participation in its governance.


Member Category

Applicants who wish to become ICADTS Members should:

  1. Complete the below portion of this form and e-mail, fax or mail it, together with an electronic version of a curriculum vitae (cv) to the ICADTS Secretary. If possible, please use e-mail and attach your application and your cv to the e-mail. If e-mail is not available then mail or fax the form with a cv that does not exceed 2 pages in length to the ICADTS Secretary.
  2. Additionally the applicant should e-mail or mail this completed form to two sponsors, who are current members of ICADTS, along with a copy of your cv. Each sponsor will attest to the correctness of the information provided. The sponsors can either: (a) endorse the application and return it to the ICADTS Secretary via e-mail, fax or mail or (b) simply e-mail the ICADTS Secretary stating that the sponsor has reviewed the application, the applicant’s cv, and that the sponsor is willing to endorse the applicant for ICADTS membership. Please use e-mail if possible.


Name:                                                    _____________________________________________

Job Title:                                                _____________________________________________

Institute or Company:                         _____________________________________________

Address:                                                _____________________________________________



E-mail:                                                    _____________________________________________

Telephone:                                           _____________________________________________

Fax:                                                         _____________________________________________

Signature of Applicant:                       _____________________________________________

(not required for e-mail)

Date:                                                      _____________________________________________




As you become a member of ICADTS, we encourage you to join one or more of our working groups. Please indicate below with an X which ICADTS Working Group(s) you would be interested in joining. Please select all working groups that you would be interested in joining. When joining a working group, you will be expected to participate in meetings or discussions called by the Chair, either by electronic format or attendance at the meeting.


  • Illegal Drugs and Driving including Designer Drugs

Chair: Marilyn Huestis (

Co-chair: Steve Gust


  • Alcohol Ignition Interlocks

 Chair: Bob Voas (


  • Alcohol Biomarkers

Chair: Ron Agius

Co-chair: Paul Marques


  • ‚Äč Prescribing Guidelines for Medicinal Drugs and Driving

Chair: Hans de Gier (

Co-Chair: Javier Alvarez (, co-chairs


  • Clinical Signs of Impairment for Drugs Other than Alcohol

Chair: Charles Mercier-Guyon


  • Young Drivers

Chair: Andy Murie


  • Standardization of Reporting Alcohol and Drug Involvement in Fatal Crashes

Chair: Jim Fell

Co-chair: Richard Compton


  • Low and Middle Income Countries

Chair: Mark King

Co-chair: Jonathon Passmore


Chair: Robyn Robertson

Co-chair: Joris Verster


This portion of the form to be completed by each sponsor

I have reviewed this application form and attachments, attest to the correctness of the information provided and endorse the applicant for membership in ICADTS.

Applicant’s Name:                               _____________________________________________

ICADTS Member’s Name:                   _____________________________________________

ICACTS Member’s Signature:            _____________________________________________

(not required for e-mail)

Date:                                                      _____________________________________________

Sponsors can confirm their sponsorship by e-mail to the ICADTS Secretary.

Please return to Jim Fell, ICADTS Secretary,

Or mail to:

James C. Fell 

NORC at the University of Chicago

4350 East-West Highway, 8th Floor

Bethesda MD USA 20814


Phone: Office 1 (301) 634-9576      Cell: 1 (240) 354-2137    Fax: 1 (301) 634 9301

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