Expert Working Groups

ICADTS Working Groups are designed to provide an opportunity for individuals to work together on a particularly area of interest, with a view to researching and preparing a written working group report on the current status of that field of interest.


The following describes a brief summary of Expert Working Groups in general, followed by the title and goal statements of the active groups. Most groups are willing to accept new members for participation and the contribution of time and talent to help achieve group objectives. Groups can meet to deliberate in any of a variety of ways, including email or video conferencing. Most however, convene during or before ICADTS or related meetings when a Working Group chair or co-chair is present.


Expert Working Groups can be either initiated by the ICADTS Executive Board, or be a membership-initiated activity that is proposed to and approved by the Executive Board. The activity usually addresses a specific topic that is deemed of sufficient importance to warrant the time and attention of our membership. Most topical areas are timely and have a broad relevance that transcends national borders. Expertise may be drawn from either within or outside of ICADTS in an effort to accomplish the groups’ missions.


A typical Expert Working Group is suggested around a specific topic. Members with the desire to move the topic forward are usually designated the chair and/or co-chair, and the prospective group proposes to summarize its findings and then issue a written report to the Board. After a period of study, discussion, and the development of a draft, an Expert Working Group Report is prepared. The Report, once accepted by the Executive Board becomes part of the document archive that ICADTS posts on its website and makes freely available to everyone. The Report is often preceded or followed by a special symposium or workshop at an ICADTS triennial Meeting. After a report is written and accepted, either the Expert Working Group proposes a follow-on activity in order to renew the sequence of study and report, or alternatively after a certain period of inactivity, and with the agreement of the Expert Working Group chair and co-chair, the ICADTS Executive Board will vote that the Expert Working Group has completed its work and should be phased out. No Expert Working Group is expected to go on forever.


It is hoped and expected that as new topics become important to the international alcohol, drugs and traffic safety area, new Working groups are created.